The European Commission has come up with a driverless car parking system. Through this, you will never have to waste your time looking for a space. Researchers from the major member countries like Germany, UK, Italy, and Switzerland are searching for ways to address car parking problems and the new driverless car parking system is the perfect answer. Earlier this year, a successful test was made and receives funding from the commission that amounts to €5.6 million.

 The Future Of Driverless Car Parking System

In the near future, a lot of people are foreseen to drive electric cars and will definitely switch from one mode of transportation to another. Hence, there will surely be a need for more parking options at the major transport hubs. As part of the preparation, V-CHARGE consortium is doing its best to come up with a fully automated parking as well as charging system for electric-operated cars at the public car parks.

Leave And Get Back To The Car Using Smartphone Application

With this driverless car parking system, the drivers will be able to leave their car in the car park and to trigger the parking process; the driver will only use a particular smartphone application. The vehicle will automatically connect with the server in the car park and will automatically drive itself to the available parking space. As a matter of fact, the application can also instruct the car to automatically go to charging station. After which, the car is fully charged and all set to go.

This project is set to conclude this coming 2015 and the result of this technology will be progressively commercialized in the next few years. So far, engineers are doing their best and are working with the already available equipment including the stereo camera and ultrasonic sensors. For more information about the European parking, just click here